Cross-Listed Courses Now Numbered 8##

To all advisors:

Common-course numbering at the Montana University System level has eliminated the cross-listing of courses because every course now has (or soon will have) a single number across the system. Because faculty at The University of Montana would like to continue cross-listing on the mountain and COT campuses, we are piloting a new way to cross-list courses. The pilot is limited to about 25 courses from three programs that will be cross-listed across several rubrics. These are listed below. Students’ transcripts will show that a student took either the common-course numbered course alone, or, if a student registers for one of the alternative cross-listings, it will show something like:  ANTY 8## Native American Health and Healing (equivalent to NASX 388 Native American Health and Healing).

We are sending you this message because the cross-listed courses will all be identified as 800-level courses. Students might well assume that this means that these courses are graduate courses. Please assure them that the 800 merely means cross-listed. We had to select a number for cross-listed courses that was not already in use at the Montana University System level. We all agree that this is odd, not ideal, etc., but the choices were few. Should this pilot program demonstrate the feasibility of this approach, we will begin cross-listing courses using this method in future semesters.

~Submitted by Dr. Arlene Walker-Andrews, Associate Provost

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