KPCN and OSS Presents: “The Care and Feeding of a College Freshman”

This video captures the thoughts and suggestions of current UM students on the subject of how parents of incoming freshmen can best support their new student.

As with all KPCN videos, students were responsible for all aspects of the video, including the man-on-the-street interviews, taping and post production work. Media Arts major and UAC Peer Alex Hoelscher was assisted by fellow KPCN members Tiana Jensen, Zale Kaupish, Jordan Ramler, Cara Laslovich, Kelsey Tritz, and Jonathan Walsh. Other members of KPCN essential to the program’s successful pilot stage include Allison Barry, Philip Churchill, Mary Gertie, Kelsey Olson, Mikayla Overholtzer, Aleksandra Pitt, Nadine Shaw, Alexandra Sugiri and Loretta Tracy.

This is Mr. Hoelscher’s final production for KPCN due to his graduation and he is to be commended for the three videos he produced this semester for KPCN. We appreciate his talent, professionalism and insight.

KPCN Productions — the “PCN” stands for Peer Connection Network — is a student success initiative undertaken by the Undergraduate Advising Center’s Peers program. Funding for KPCN is provided by the Office for Student Success.

-Shannon Janssen, Undergraduate Advising Center

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