KPCN Presents: “How Pizza and Burritos Can Help You Get Started On Your Paper”

As members of the campus community, we all know the importance of writing well for a Liberal Arts education and knowing how to start a paper, no matter the discipline, is essential. Alex Hoelscher, KPCN Lead Producer and Senior Media Arts major, Kelly Webster, Director of The Writing Center and Jake Hansen, Associate Director of The Writing Center, worked together to produce a video that appeals to our student population, provides strategies for successfully starting a paper and establishes The Writing Center as a resource. Mr. Hoelscher, was assisted by fellow KPCN members and students, Tiana Jensen, Zale Kaupish, Jordan Ramler, Cara Laslovich, Kelsey Tritz, and Jonathan Walsh.

KPCN: The Peer Connection Network was created by students to help fellow students navigate The University of Montana through the use of engaging videos. The “How Pizza and Burritos Can Help You Get Started On Your Paper” video is the result of a partnership between The Writing Center and the Undergraduate Advising Center, departments that are part of the Office for Student Success (OSS).

We appreciate the guidance provided by the individuals listed above the funding provided by the OSS. We especially appreciate the participation of one of UM’s outstanding faculty, Professor Daisy Rooks.

-Shannon Janssen, Undergraduate Advising Center


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