Pre-Req Waivers and College Restriction Overrides

Two of the most common registration error messages are due to either pre-requisite issues or college restrictions. If there is a prerequisite issue, the student will get a message saying that CyberBear cannot verify that they have met the required pre- or co-requisite.

If the student has met the prerequisite but it is not being recognized, the student should be instructed to download the Prerequisite/Corequisite Waiver Request form and follow the steps listed. Completed forms should be submitted to the department’s front desk or Admin Association (not at Griz Central!). In some cases the student may need to complete additional coursework before they can register for the desired course.

In contrast, “College Restriction” messages occur when Mountain Campus students try to register for courses at the Missoula College, and vice versa. For some students the best option is to simply find an alternate section of the course on the student’s home campus. If this is not an option, the student can pick up the form at Griz Central or download the appropriate College Restriction Override form.

The ”blue form” for Missoula College students requires an advisor’s approval; the “green form” for Mountain Campus students requires approval from both the advisor and the course instructor. For some Missoula College courses, approvals may not be processed until after the conclusion of the Priority Registration period.

~Submitted by Beth Howard, Director of University Advising Services

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