Spring 2013: Late Start Section of C&I 195: Introduction to Online Learning

For any students who need to refine their study skills and familiarize themselves with resources—particularly those who are taking online classes—or need to pick up an additional 2 credits for the Spring semester, there is a late start section (51) of C&I 195 Introduction to Online Learning available.

C&I 195 is an 8-week online courses that acquaints students with the demands and rewards of online learning.  Students will develop technology skills required for successful participation in online courses, analyze characteristics of successful online learners, and devise their own strategies for working effectively in an online environment.

For more information or an override into the course, please contact Shandin Pete (Instructor) at shandin.pete@umontana.edu or Jimmy Stevens (UAC Distance Learning Advisor) at james.stevens@umontana.edu.

 ~Submitted by Jimmy Stevens, Academic Advisor/Distance Learner Specialist

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